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Low Carb Keto Soup Recipes on the Ketogenic Diet

Nothing better than soup in winter to keep you warm. If you’re on the ketogenic diet, these low carb keto soup recipes will be your salvation.

Soup is one of the best meals you can have during winter. It keeps you warm and hydrated while providing you with plenty of vitamins and nutrients (providing you do it right).

To this effect, I have compiled a list of keto soup recipes that are quite easy to make, and as always, taste deliciously good.

Creamy Spinach Artichoke Soup


This creamy keto soup is made with spinach, artichoke and, garlic, coupled with butter sautéed onions.

It’s very easy to make and super healthy, with tons of vitamins and minerals coming from the greens, all the while containing a ton of fat thanks to the Parmesan cheese and the cream cheese.

How could you possibly go wrong with such delicious ingredients?

Answer: you can’t.

Japanese Clear Onion Soup


If you fancy an exotic soup, chances are this Japanese recipe will be to your liking.

Again, it’s perfectly easy and quick to make with basic ingredients such as onions, carrots and mushrooms (who doesn’t have those in the fridge?) and you’ll probably feel like you’re eating at a Japanese restaurant.

Keto Stroganoff Soup


In case you don’t know, stroganoff soup is a popular Russian dish made with beef, mushrooms, onions and some other ingredients.

Creamy Cauli Ham & Cheese Soup


This creamy and cheesy soup is made with cauliflower, ham, and cheddar, and will be perfect to satiate you on the ketogenic diet.

It’s filled with fat and protein, and is also perfect if you’re craving pasta, since the taste is very much like cheese and ham pasta. Perfect to make sure you don’t cheat on your ketogenic diet.

Chicken Zoodle Soup


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